The sole purpose of this site is to create a mind temple for myself, where I apparate from reality to infinity and beyond. You can read more about me here. I’ll be writing stories as a part of these series

The Geek Feed

In this series, I’ll be talking about Videogames, Books, Movies and TV Seasons. Everything from Valyrian Lightsabers to Transforming Broomsticks.

Legends of the Mummy

Motherhood is not easy and sometimes you actually DO sound like Mummies. You know, the groaning white bandaged zombies. This series will feature such tales.

Twixie Life

Oh the Minions of my life! I’d be sharing some precious moments of  our hobitses as they progress through the “Hoods of Life” – you know, Childhood, Teenhood, etc. etc.

Serene Scenes

I’ll be posting about my travels  as I feast my eyes upon the beauty of mother nature. Nothing brings peace to the senses than exploring the nature, the greenness of the grass, the blueness of the sky and the brownness of Tatooine.